Fostering Personalized solutions for prevention of dementia and frailty

European countries
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years (2024-2027)


COMFORTAGE is a joint effort of medical experts, social scientists and humanists, technical experts, Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and Living Labs (LLs) to establish a pan European framework for Community-based, Integrated and People-Centric prevention, monitoring and progression managing solutions for dementia and frailty.


Development of a Virtualized AI-Based Healthcare Platform (VHP) to centralize AI resources for risk factor analysis, early diagnosis, and personalized decision-making.

Facilitate care providers in the design and implementation of personalized and integrated models of care.

Enhance digital literacy of all Stakeholders to support active and healthy lifestyles in old age.

Develop Evidence-Based approaches, person-centered health care and long-term care models, …

Promoting innovative care pathways and digitally enabling solutions in the daily lives of the elderly population, leaving no one behind.

Improve the well-being of the elderly by promoting empowerment and self-management of health through educational programs, trainings and innovative solutions.


COMFORTage will developed 13 pilots at 8 EU members states.  The main objective is to supply relevant subjects data on Scientific Technology Options Assessment  (SToA) referred to dementia and frailty detection and intervention and deploy, validate and evaluate the models and tools in real life new clinical scenarios (Beta Solution Treated and Overaged-BSToA).

Cluster #A

Prevention of Dementia at Community Level (Study of causal risk factors towards early diagnosis and primary prevention of dementia at community level)

Cluster #B

Association of Dementia and other health conditions (Study of the Association Between the Development of Dementia and Other Health Conditions)

Cluster #C

Improved and Personalized Interventions in Dementia (Study of Improved and Personalized Interventions That May Delay and Alleviate Dementia)

Cluster #D

Study of neuromechanics and fall prevention

Cluster #E

Observatory on Active Ageing (Observatory on Active Ageing: Study of Digital Innovation Hubs and Living Labs to Improve Well-Being and QoL)

COMFORTage Virtualized AI-Based Healthcare Platform (VHP)

The project will create a first of a kind Virtualized AI-Based Healthcare Platform (VHP) that will centralize access to project’s AI resources for risk factor analysis, early diagnosis and personalized decision making for age-related mental and physical diseases and disorders.


COMFORTage strives to establish a pan-European framework for community-based prevention and intervention strategies to facilitate effective lifestyle changes thought the synergies of our Consortium and other stakeholders. Our consortium is compose by:

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